Dori’s Restaurant in Paphos – Healthy, Hearty and a Delicious Alternative

The Love Cyprus Blog

Which one of the following would you prefer 1) a “grab and go” high fat/high sugar meal from one of the many fast food places around or 2) a delicious, healthy and freshly prepared meal?

I believe that I can guess which one most of us would choose – the second.

A few weeks ago we discovered Dori’s, a Lebanese  takeaway that had recently opened in Paphos and provides just such an option. 

Tender, marinated, spiced chicken breast souvlaki (kebab) served in large Lebanese pitta bread, filled to bursting with mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce and pickled cucumbers. This can be ordered hot or mildly spiced, with or without garlic.  If you’re not fond of chicken, there’s the tender, marinated beef kebab with garlic and spices.

Vegetarian?  Try the fried eggplant and cauliflower with hummus, tomatoes, lettuce and pickled cucumbers, or the mix of vegetable and mushroom souvlaki marinated in a special…

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