Ten of the many questions that have yet to be answered about mine murders

Ten of the many questions that have yet to be answered about mine murders

There are probably hundreds of questions that surround the serial killings in Cyprus, many of which may never be answered but the biggest ones probably relate to whether the suspect, who has allegedly confessed to killing seven, five women and two girls between October 2016 and August 2018, had killed prior to or since those dates, and why he might have decided to kill two children aged 6 and 8.

  1. Were the Romanian mother and daughter, Livia and Elena Natalia, 8, actually the first victims in September 2016 or were there more previous to that?
  2. Why were the later victims, Mary Rose, Arian and Asmita, naked and bound, and the body found in the suitcase – an earlier kill based on disappearance dates – fully clothed?
  3. Does this indicate that this was the killer’s first murder that may have happened in the heat of the moment, while the subsequent ones appeared premediated and sexually-related?
  4. Why was the time between the first killing in September 2016 – based on the dates of disappearance – and the second in December 2017, as long as 14 months apart, or were there other unknown victims in between?
  5. The date between the second disappearance (Maricar) in December 2017, and the third, Mary Rose and her daughter Sierra, 6, in May 2018 was roughly only five months, indicating an escalation in killings. Why?
  6. Based on the fact the next disappearance (Arian) happened in July the same year – approximately only three months later, and the fact that Asmita’s body was dumped in Orounta, also in the summer of 2018, showed the escalation accelerated – three women and a child in the space of four to five months, May to August. Does this mean the killer did not kill again between the summer of 2018 and when the first body (Mary Rose) was found in the mine shaft on April 14, 2019 – a period of nine months?
  7. If it is to be assumed, based on the alleged confession that Asmita was the last victim in the summer of 2018, why did the suspect, ‘Orestis’ as he was known on social media, continue to speak to Filipino women online and reportedly try to lure a friend of Maricar’s into meeting him in a remote place on the pretext he had information on the disappearance, a meeting she never took? This would indicate he was still active and seeking out a victim but has not confessed to any killings after that period.
  8. Why did the killer appear to change his modus operandi? The first three bodies, Livia, Elena Natalia and Maricar were put in suitcases in the red lake at Mitsero while Mary Rose and Arian were thrown in the mine shaft.
  9. Was it because the water in the lake had dried up considerably since dumping the Romanian mother and daughter in September 2016, exposing at least one of the suitcases as photographed by an American tourist in June 2017? The third body, that of Maricar who disappeared in December 2017 was again dumped in the lake when the water was probably higher but the murders last year were committed in summer so the lake would not be a good place to dispose of a body there at that time of year.
  10. Why did the killer throw the body of Mary Rose’s daughter Sierra into the Xyliatos Memi lake and not the same mine shaft as her mother if they were killed at the same time?

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