Illegal no parking signs


There is a sign that is so ubiquitous in Cyprus, it is probably the most common sight there is. That, is the personalised ‘NO PARKING’ sign, that nearly everyone feels that they have right to place outside their shops and restaurants.

Not only are they stating that they somehow have a right to forbid you from parking on a public road, unless you are crossing their grubby little palms with Silver, but they also have the audacity to run out and point to the sign and shout at anyone who dares to park legally, on a public road without being one of the unfortunate patrons of their no doubt over-priced concerns.

It has got to the point that something must be done about this, the police as always do not act and if anyone should be foolish enough to disturb them with this sort of non-profit triviality, they would be met with sarcasm and insults.

However, this is actually a serious matter, because the unwillingness of the police to clamp down on something illegal, then legitimises it, meaning that these morons feel that they have a right to behave in a threatening manner to anyone who dares to park on ‘their spot’

Every sign that is displayed should be snapped, noted along with the offending establishment and complained about until it stops.


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