Cypriot Girls launch vile attack on a Russian woman

Three Cypriot girls who tried to drive away after hitting a car in the Cineplex car park, in Larnaca, when a Russian lady who was walking past, saw them attempting to dive away and stopped them. She then proceeded to take video as evidence, (something that Cypriots hate) and that was then the 3 girls launched a vile attack on her.

This video exposes these girls for who they really are, this is not the exception, this is the norm! Cyprus suffers from an institutional superiority complex, institutional arrogance and lack of respect for other people.

The main mouthpiece, dressed in white, who goes by the name of Lucia Andreou, works in Limassol for child services and claims that her husband is a Lawyer, if justice is done, she won’t be for long.


If you have further information about these horrid girls, message us directly on this website.

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